Operation Constitution: Anti- Big Government - Andrew Tahmooressi
Operation Constitution: Anti- Big Government - Educating America on Constitutional Independence
Bring Home our Marine
Andrew Tahmooressi


This photo shows Andrews mother
holding his picture.

  We can not allow for our heroes to go on forgotten.
It is time to cry out for our marine to be brought home from the Mexican Jail.

We traded four terrorists for a deserter, someone who turned their backs on their service brothers while over in a hostile territory.  Yet, we refuse to do anything to bring home Andrew Tahmooressi who has served his Nation and Corps. with pride and honor.

It is time to get our Marine

Fox News Reports:
Jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi back in Mexican court

LA Times Reports:
Mother of Marine jailed in Mexico asks for letters, prayers for son

The Official Site forAndrew Tahmooressi:

Please Help Bring him home!

The hell with our Presidents will and actions.  Who will fight for those who fight for You...?

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