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We would like to welcome you to Operation Constitution, where you can find any and all information pertaining to your Liberties and Rights as a Free American Citizen.   Learn why you and the country you live in are exceptional.  Learn to see the lies you have been told and how to seek out the truth.  Grow, Learn, and become strengthened in the knowledge that has been given to us since the time of our Forefathers.    Take your time and look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to

There are no age limits to our events, please feel free to bring older children.

Democrats, Libertarians, Independent, and Republicans are all welcome.

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No one needs to feel as if they are just one voice or their concerns won't be heard.

We welcome all Veterans
We are a Veteran supported group.
We currently have a multi-generational Veteran presence.

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